Obama’s “Sudden” Rise???

21 Feb

Does anybody else smell a dead fish?

Face it folks, politics is about money, and somebody alot bigger than “the people” have gotten behind our shiny-faced boy to push him ahead. Even the Teamsters gave him a vote of confidence – in plenty of time to possibly undermine the Ohio and Texas primaries. I grew up in Oak Park, Michigan – right next to Detroit. I remember when the Teamsters were somewhat less than welcoming to anyone but a WASP.

Watch the drama unfold. The fact is the outcome has already been determined somewhere on a distant island in a smoked-filled room. All the players have to do is play it out. Manipulate the populace and they’ll fold….just like always.

Unless…do you think that “we the people” might still find our way out of the illusion in time to figure it out and CHANGE IT?

Do you REALLY want to make a difference? Forget about what Oprah says, and all the other heavies who have been manipulated, coerced or otherwise put into place to persuade the populace…LOOK BEHIND THE ILLUSION…

Rememeber the slogan of the 60’s…”Question Authority!”

WHO SAYS “It’s all but over” — ???? — only the lackeys who want you to believe it. Let’s fool them! Take charge of your destiny. Stay focused. The sheep – that would we, the expendable masses – are being led to the edge of the cliff.

Time to WAKE UP.  -Deb Adler

2008 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved.

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One Response to “Obama’s “Sudden” Rise???”

  1. WHY February 21, 2008 at 10:23 pm #

    Obama is a trojan horse.

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