Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King 2010

18 Jan

I found an interesting commentary about the Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., today while reading the book, Evolve Your Brain, by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Dispenza, a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, reveals how we can change our past – personal, family, and even our genetics through understanding the chemistry of the brain. He provides scientific information as to how our thoughts create chemical reactions that hold us to addictive patterns and feelings and how to reprogram our brains to break free of those cycles. He also demonstrates, as in the example of Dr. King, how holding to a vision can create a new future.

“For example, the Civil Rights movement would not have had its far-reaching effects if a true individual like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had not, despite all the evidence around him (Jim Crow laws, separate but equal acomodations, snarkling attack dogs, and powerful fire hoses), believed in the possibility of another reality.

“Although Dr. King phrased it in his famous speech as a ‘dream,’ what he was really promising (and living) was a better world where everyone was equal. How was he able to do that? He decided to place a new idea in his mind about freedom for himself and a nation, and that idea was more important to him than the conditions in his external world.

“He was uncompromising in holding fast to that vision. Dr. King was unwillling to alter his thoughts, his actions, his behavior, his speech, and his message in response to anything outside of him.

“He never changed his internal picture of a new environment in spite of his external environment, even if it meant insult to his body. It was the power of his vision that convinced millions of the justness of his cause.

“The world has changed because of him.”*

Amen. -Deb Adler

* Taken from p. 14, Evolve Your Brain; ©2007 Joe Dispenza, D.C.; published by Health Communications, Inc.

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©2010 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved.

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