The Gulf Oil Crisis and Science on the Power of Prayer

6 Jul

Scientific Research has been reporting findings of the ability for focused thought to affect physical matter locally and non-locally (from a distance).  Here’s just one brief comment I found while trying to find my notes from some published NASA experiments on the subject (which I couldn’t – sigh) Note: the bold type is my emphasis, not part of the original article.

Respected scholars in various fields – mathematics, physics, biology, and the cognitive sciences – including Nobelists, are offering theories that fully permit nonlocal manifestations of consciousness such as those seen in intercessory prayer (Dossey, 1997).  As an example, mathematician David J. Chalmers has advanced the idea that consciousness is fundamental in the universe, perhaps on a par with matter and energy (Chalmers, 1995a, 1995b). Chalmers’ view is widely considered to be the most fertile hypothesis currently circulating in the field of consciousness studies. Chalmers cites a recent proposal along the same lines by Nobel physicist Steven Weinberg, who suggests that consciousness may be subject to physical laws all its own, which a complete “theory of everything” may have to recognize (Chalmers, 1995). While not demonstrating that the effects of distant intentionality actually exist, these proposals are cordial to the possibility and permit the above data to be taken seriously.”

British mathematician C. J. S. Clarke has also offered a sophisticated nonlocal theory of consciousness, which similarly regards consciousness as infinite in space and time (Clarke, 1995). Clarke’s theory is anchored in an approach in mathematics known as quantum logic. These are only two among a score of provocative ideas about the possible nonlocal nature of the mind (Dossey, 1997). These hypotheses are important because they elevate the level of plausibility of intercessory prayer and distant healing.”

ref: Article by Larry Dosser at The Scientific and Medical Network website

Want to Help in the Gulf Oil Crisis? A dedicated group of individuals will gather July 9th-10th-11th-12th-13th-14th in a special Global Prayer-Meditation for the Healing of our planet and her People.

Go there and make the pledge to join in this energy. Let’s create a Circle of Healing that goes ’round the globe. The Law of Critical Mass proves one-by-one-by-one WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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4 Responses to “The Gulf Oil Crisis and Science on the Power of Prayer”

  1. EROCA ZEVIAR July 6, 2010 at 10:06 pm #

    Wonderful blog. I am wishing to send this to Rae Chandra or somehow connect himm to it. Any specfic ideas how?

    I also wishing for you to look at his new symbols, as I am working on various projects with them. Can you invite others to look also?

    I asked him if he Facebooks and brought him uptodate re: new things happening with you all as a group and the monday night calls. Rae left his linear high paying job, changed his mind about sending his wife and kids to the middle east, and is now tour guiding poeple to sacred places around the world. Wow, What a shift there!

    So I am still learning things about Facebook so when I am ignited by something I see, I need to direct it to specific people sometimes.


  2. EROCA ZEVIAR July 7, 2010 at 4:15 pm #

    what is PM?

    • Deb July 7, 2010 at 5:21 pm #

      Private Message. When you click on a peron’s photo on top left corner of Facebook you get to their page and beneath their name are optioins including “Send a Message.” This feature allows you to send a Private Message (PM) to the individual without the information being published on their “Wall” for everyone to see.

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