White Squirrels Abound in My Life

30 Nov

I noticed my first White Squirrel a few months ago as I was walking to my property manager’s office in Bexley, Ohio to pay my rent. I was both dumbfounded and spellbound at first, to see this albino squirrel, which I had never seen before, frolicking amidst the trees on the front year of the local elementary school.

“Oh my God, an Albino Squirrel!” I said aloud.

I’ve seen the now infamous Black Squirrels of Kent, Ohio on some trips to Kent State University, but I’ve never seen an Albino Squirrel until that day.

When I first spotted it I froze. I made a noise to attract it and stayed still to see if it would run.  There was a brief moment in time when we both connected – eye to eye – and remained motionless in a silent exchange. Because I have worked with a Cherokee Elder, Grandmother Parisha, for almost 25 years, I have come to recognize that  events like this one may seem to be coincidence but are not.

Grandmother Parisha has shared with us the wisdom of seeing all Beings as messengers. Her people are of the North Lodge, represented by the White Buffalo. All too often – just as I was thinking of her or focused on a particular solution to a problem in my mind – I have seen “messengers” appear. I knew it was Grandmother making an appearance and sending her blessings!

Some may scoff at that – that’s okay. I’ve experienced certain phenomenon all too often to take it as circumstantial. My experience has been that these critics and skeptics have no basis of Faith. They are without that sense of connectedness that ties all Creation together – one with another.

God-Creator-The Source can speak through all forms. I’ve often laughed at license plates passing me by on the street with prophetic, timely messages – or just a message of love, or maybe a giggle. Are those really happenstance? Not in my experience!

When I lived in an apartment complex in Euclid, Ohio, I discovered we had a beautiful albino skunk. His appearances were also timed to moments when I might be thinking of Grandmother Parisha or having a dialog with myself about a particular issue. Always she showed up to smile at me in my process. And always I acknowledge Grandmother and Creator for the miracle of synchronicity in my life.

By the way, I recently discovered that there is a white squirrel that looks in at me from trees on the other side of the adjacent apartment building’s tall wooden fence while I’m at work at the restaurant.  As always, its timing manages to be profound.

Soon after that I spotted another one frolicking in the huge tree in our courtyard between the three buildings of my apartment complex. I saw him scurry up the side of one of the buildings and duck into a space created where the siding along the top separated from the brick. Looks like leaves stuffed in there – probably a nest.

Proliferation? One well-traveled critter? Apparitions?  Or Spirit communicating at just the precise moment.

When I spotted an albino squirrel today on my way to the property manager’s office, it was feeding on some corn left around a large tree on the side of a corner house. The owners had obviously left several ears to feed the squirrels. What caught me today as I made my “unexpected discovery” once again – I realized that all the way from the bus stop I had been walking – in a steady rain – cold, wet and hoarse – but singing a chant as I walked happily through the neighborhood. It was a chant I had learned from Grandmother Parisha to help bring harmony to a situation or environment. Little wonder, my “sign” appeared.

There are those who will call this coincidence….but some of us will smile and know that God-Creator-The Source is mightier than all our ignorance and limited imaginations combined.

It is a beautiful world and we are Family!   – Deborah Adler 🙂

©2010 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved.

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