The Warrior’s Stance

3 Dec

I am a network marketer. Tonight I spent time with one of the top producers in my company and listened to him share a little bit about his story. What impressed everyone in the room most was what he shared with us about how he rebounded from a $17,000 chargeback on one account. I personally was also impressed by that fact that it only took him 6 months to do so. Some people take years to balance a debt like that!

His account of this occurrence was inspiring because he never lost faith in himself or the company, and he NEVER CONSIDERED QUITTING. So today he is a Group Benefits VP and in addition to being a 6-figure income producer, he is part of the growing millionaire’s circle.

Spiritual Mentor and my Elder Grandmother Parisha has coached some of us in business ventures, as well as life challenges. Her constant message: Winners never quit and Quitters never win!

In the traditional ways of Grandmother Parisha’s people, The Warrior’s Society are the protectors. They are also the “action” people who serve the community and get things done.

One time Grandmother Parisha shared wit h us about the “Warrior’s Stance.” Sometimes, if not standing upright, a Warrior will kneel with one knee to the Earth Mother. The reason for this is that a Warrior has only two positions: “on their feet” or “on their way up.”

Each of us face daily “battles” – whether with seemingly outward circumstances, or inner conflicts. Quantum Physics shows us more and more that we create our outer circumstances through our thoughts and inner dialog. We are who/what we believe.

Sometimes a Warrior may dishonor themselves before the People, but even then, they are not “down” but considered “on their way up.”

That’s the mind-set of the Champion. Champions don’t quit. They don’t always have a smooth road to victory. In fact the Physics Principle of “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” tells us that the greater the intention we put forth, the greater the opposition that will come back as a response. Rather than fear obstacles (opposition) Grandmother Parisha teaches us to see them as the measure of the power of what we have set out to do. She embraces the opposition, resolves it, and achieves her intention.

We all have the Warrior within us. We are all Champions. So long as we stay on the playing field, we will have our day. The more we embrace creating our reality we transform ourselves from victim to Victor.

Be the Warrior. Resolve within yourself that there is no “down.’ There is only standing or on your way up!  -Deborah Adler

©2010 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved.

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