It’s a God Thing

8 Dec

Just came back from a remarkable holiday celebration of sobriety. Our speaker shared a funny, poignant, and inspirational story of her journey to recovery. Her story included prison – in sobriety – and what it took to get through a time of “making things right.”

All throughout her sharing she spoke of “God doing for me what I couldn’t do for myself.”

I hear that a lot from people in recovery. One of the blessings of 12-Step programs is that each individual is free to find and define the “God of our understanding.”

I have come to understand through my journey with my Spiritual Mentor and Elder Grandmother Parisha, that God is not “out there” somewhere. God lives, breathes, moves and has His/Her/Its Being in and through us.

Grandmother Parisha speaks of the illusion of separation that convinces people that God exists apart from us, that we are not a part of God.

The Jewish Faith has a saying, “God, where are you not?”

So then is God not inside of us?

If God is Omni-present, as described in most Christian literature, how can He/She/It be present everywhere except in us?

I understand the dilemma of the recovering addict. Our lives in the active stages of our addictions are characterized by “self-will run riot.” So to say to a recovering addict that “We are God” can get a very adamant and adverse reaction. I understand. In fact, I understand from both sides of the equation.

Whether we want to take credit for it or not, we create our own experience here on earth. We make choices, travel down one road or another, either with precision or reckless abandon, but either way our “life course” is the result of circumstances we set in motion as the result of our decisions.

So if we can embrace the fact that we are Co-Creators with God, then we begin to take responsibility for our lives. We may look at a series of events and think “God is doing for me what I couldn’t do for myself” – but who set up the circumstances? Are we really just victims being bandied about by a Big Kid in the Sky who plays with all His little people? That’s the not God I talk to.

The God of my understanding is a loving Creative Force of Universal Intelligence that I can tap into every second of my existence – if I so choose.

There is another popular saying in the program: “If God seems distant, who moved?”

Grandmother Parisha has shared with us many times over the years there is no distance to our love. I have only to close my eyes, speak her name and the wind comes and caresses my cheek, plays with my hair. Some will call that coincidence. I know better. It’s never failed – not even when there was no wind the moment before. That’s the power of knowing We Are One.

We are One with All Creation. How can we be separate from the Creator? Creator and Creation are One.

So when I hear “God doing for me what I cannot do for myself” I know that the individual is expressing gratitude. But I also I understand that what is really being revealed is the willingness of the individual to tap into the Creator/Co-Creator Relationship and allow for a larger outcome leading to that individual’s Greater Good.

Now that’s a God Thing!

©2010 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved.

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One Response to “It’s a God Thing”

  1. appreciatinglife December 9, 2010 at 12:26 am #

    I really like your blog. The statement “If God is distant, who moved?” And love has no boundaries so close your eyes and you are there with those you love. Thanks

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