A Time of Introspection

16 Dec

As the winter storm approached us today, people at work were sharing their various reactions to the snow, the cold, and winter in general.

One man said that once the colder weather hit; he always felt like staying inside and just spending time reflecting on things.

I told him that there was a natural disposition to that very activity. I shared about this time of year (the fall) when the days are shorter and nights are longer and the temperatures in many places are colder as being what is known as Introspection Time. This, in the traditional culture of my Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha is the time of the Bear, or Yona. Yona (Bear), as well as many of the four-legged creatures, prepares for winter by going into hibernation. There is a natural inclination for us to want to snuggle into our “den” – rather than venture out in the cold – and we tend to become more pensive.

As my co-worker put it, in the spring and summertime you’re too busy doing things to think! We laughed. But it was a simple wisdom.

As we come into the conclusion of our year, we spend time reflecting on events, relationships and our personal journey.

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha shared this about how to evaluate progress in “A Seasonal Wonder”*

“When we daily have a measure of effect we want in our lives, the mind assists that to become real. But first, we must clear any obstacles that impair our thinking, and then set up a plan. Always allowing for the adjustments that will be needed in as much as we can only see from we are in the moment. Those adjustments are not set-backs but a larger picture we have not seen yet.

“First let’s be strong enough to face our acts and deeds, a get reality check. Forgive what we are ready to release and move on. Then take control of what is ours to do and make a plan that will measure us ahead just by the fact we planned it that way. Let’s allow the Ancients to teach us the reality of being in touch with life in every moment and know we are a vital part of a bigger picture.”

So we celebrate this time of introspection as a time to become clear and make any course corrections we may see fit. I believe that fewer people would see winter as “depressing” if they realized they were simply experiencing the natural inclination of all the kingdoms at this time to “look within.”   -Deborah Adler


*© Copyright 2002 Parisha Online. All Rights Reserved.  See www.parishaonline.com

©2010 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved. (Note: All quoted material from ParishaOnline.com is the sole property of Pa’Ris’Ha and ParishaOnline.com).

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