Yes We Can Make A Difference

18 Dec

I have been privileged to witness on many occasions miraculous outcomes as the result of a small group of committed individual sharing a common focus with intention at a specified time.

There are those who come together once a year at sacred Ceremonial Grounds to spend four days in a focused physical and spiritual offering of the Mind-Body Temple to bring Harmony to the Earth and her People; to all Living Beings. Out of these four days I have witnessed those who came as supporters experience physical and emotional healings. During those four days communications come in from all over the world sharing healings and answers to prayers that were sent to be requested during the Ceremony. Wars have been terminated or diverted. Peace accords have been forged. Assaults to the Earth Mother have been resolved…the list goes on. These things are real. They are facts.

Quantum Physics tells us that simply the act of thinking about it can change the basic nature of matter. We are energy. Thought is energy. The Human Mind is capable of radiating an energy that interacts directly with matter.

Prayer as a focused intention releases an energy emanating from the Human Mind that can directly effect the environment. It can influence the behavior of particles of energy. Multiplied by hundreds or thousands of people focused on the same intention at a particular time, the impact can be revolutionary.

You can call it coincidence, but in my life with my Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, I have witnessed far too many occurrences of this Principle to know that it is so.

I invite you to join the many who will be coming together in a focused intention of Global Peace and Prosperity at the precise time that aligns with the following locations. We can make a difference. All it takes is knowing that we can. We Are One.


9:00 p.m. December 20 in Kingman, Arizona

aligns with:

6:00 a.m. December 21 Cairo, Egypt

There are people of all Faiths and all Religions coming together to pray and to focus/meditate on celebrating global peace and prosperity at this time. Join us in your places of worship and praising of all good things.

There are focused points (meaning religious orders and groups and organizations) all over the world that have validated their participation. We are already millions strong, so if you cannot get with organized efforts in other places, do your own; gather with family, neighbours, work, and in public places with those who are willing to take a moment and know You are, because God Is. Serve the World with intent on peace and prosperity this season….Pray and Meditate with us!!!

It is time that intelligence rises to the call, and the Peoples of this world stand in the light of truth…truth is God by its many sacred names….

©2010 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved.

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