Welcoming Winter

20 Dec

For many years now I have had the privilege to take part in a Ceremony known as Great Pine that honors and welcomes the occurrence of the Winter Solstice.

Traditional Peoples are connected to the Earth and her Seasons in a way that those who are not raised with an awareness of the Oneness of Creation are not. I am so grateful that my Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, has shared the wisdoms of her traditional knowing of the interconnectedness between Humans, the Earth Mother, the Moon, the Stars, and all the natural cycles of the Seasons, and other natural phenomenon of our planetary home.

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha once shared with us that in this day “set for us to put winter into movement is the time of the Great White Buffalo. [It’s] the moment Ela [Earth Mother] takes a second to be silent. Some scientists have stated they have found a STRANGE THING at this longest night of the year, that it’s almost like the Earth stops and a new degree of magnetic force takes place. Well our Old One’s have passed to us that She does stop and she begins a new energy.” *

Furthermore, as I have learned from attending many Great Pine ceremonies through the years,  that “pause” is felt throughout the Universe. In that precise moment, there is a frequency sent out from the Pine Trees which resonates deep within the earth and awakens the growth that will then begin to reach its way to the surface of the earth as green plants and vegetation arriving in the spring. The frequency, or energy, emitted by the Pine Tree is what the dormant life responds to – sort of like nature’s alarm clock.

The Pine Tree, also known as “Evergreen,”  is the symbol of Everlasting Life. It does not sleep during the cold of winter when other trees and plant life have died or gone dormant. Traditionally we make decorations to hang on the Pine Trees in our environment – colorful things that the Winds can play with. That’s why it’s good to have a potted tree if one needs to bring it inside to celebrate Christmas – so it can be a living reminder of Everlasting Life, which is also the symbolic significance of the life of Christ.

I will travel to our Ceremonial Home in southeastern Ohio tomorrow to once again join Family for the Celebration of Great Pine. I will bring with me many rich memories of past celebrations, faces of those who came from all around the country and many countries around the globe to gather, feast, sing and drum and take a moment to honor and welcome the arrival of Winter and the magnificent synchronicity of the Universe in which we live.

It is a beautiful world and we are Family!  -Deborah Adler

*© 1990 Pa’Ris’Ha. All rights reserved.
©2010 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved.  (Quoted material from Pa’Ris’Ha remains the sole property of the author.)

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