28 Dec

A funny thing happened at our network marketing briefing/Holiday Party tonight. My name kept getting called for prizes. It started out with me making the correct guess of how many pieces of candy were in a long-stemmed glass. You had to come closest to the number without going over. I guessed 116. The actually count was 120.

When I looked at it, I counted the pieces on top, then tried to see how many rows deep it was and multiplied – then added a few digits for good measure. Who knew? A number came to me and I decided to accept it and write it down.

Then I received a little eagle on a branch poised with wings spread in appreciation for volunteering to help set-up, clean-up, etc., throughout the year.

Then we had a game of guessing Christmas Carols from somewhat cryptic cartoons. I had the highest number of correct titles. We continued with a few more games, a few more of which I ended up to be one of the winners.

I started to get embarrassed, in a momentary throw-back to my childhood days, and thought of ways that I could give away some of the “prizes” – but then I just laughed with everyone else about my “loot” and soon we were on to the eating part of the festivities.

Knowing that we’re deserving of our dreams is essential to achieving our dreams. If we don’t think we deserve to have, then we won’t.

Once I had a chance to “step outside” of myself and be the Observer, I was able to identify an old pattern from childhood.

There’s a very useful exercise that my spiritual mentor and Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, shared with us many years ago, to help identify what behaviors are really ours and what are most likely inherited or taken on from outside influences in our lives.

“Who’s talking?” is the question to pose to the voice(s) heard when, as in my own case, I was feeling inadequate to garner a healthy share of “prizes.”

“Who’s talking?” can take us directly to that still small voice within when we follow the question deep enough into ourselves.

Much of our “self-speak” doesn’t really come from us. It comes from “tapes” of authority figures in our childhood and developmental years. The voices may be one or both parents, a religious authority, or teacher, or another member of the family. We hear their words echo inside our heads so often that they eventually become our voice – or so we think.

So to clear away the confusion and peel off the layers of false identity, we pose the question, “Who’s Talking?” until we get that still small voice within that is unmistakably our innermost Truth.

Once we connect to God-Dwelling-Within-Us, we can hear a resounding, “Of course you’re deserving!”

Oprah Winfrey states, “In every aspect of our lives, we are always asking ourselves, How am I of value? What is my worth? Yet I believe that worthiness is our birthright.”

We don’t have to earn God’s Love. We are Loved because We Are. We are One with God-Creator-The Source.

Worthiness is indeed our birthright, as is Magnificence.

“Say YES to the Great Mystery/universe and keep discovering your God Self.  It is vast, adventurous and beautiful.  You are not the least of Creator’s creation;  you are the totality and most loved.  You have been given the accumulations of it all.  Live that way.  There are no limitations in your life, only limited vision, and little faith.” –Pa’Ris’Ha*

*from Follow the Question Inward, © 1994 Pa’Ris’Ha. All rights reserved.

©2010 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved. (Note: All quoted material remains the property of the original authors and source.)


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