The Patter of Friendly Feet

4 Feb

“I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.” -Dalai Lama

Living in the city has been a vast change from the 16 years I lived out in rural southeastern Ohio. As a resident staff member at Friendship Village International Retreat and Conference Center in Summerfield, Ohio, I lived amongst the splendor of Nature on 82 resplendent acres of rolling hills and picturesque valleys.

Every day was like waking up to a picture postcard from some exotic land of beauty.

On rainy nights I would be lulled to sleep by the beating of the raindrops on our log cabin’s tin roof.  Sometimes during the day you could hear the occasional woodpecker searching for food on our outside walls!  The woods were alive with squirrels and rabbits, birds of all types, and the deer.

When I stayed at the uppermost cabin on the hillside, the deer would feed off to the sheltered side of the cabin. Late at night as I came up to go to bed, I could hear them or see them peacefully moving on just ahead of me.

In the city, of course, there’s not the same “closeness” that I experienced at the farm, but still Nature has found a way to maintain contact with me, and I with Her.

There is a beautiful stand of 3 large Pine Trees at the entrance of my building. Their pine scent sweetens the air and when I stand amongst them and see the carpet of needles on the ground around them, it transposes me to the majestic stands of pine trees all around the property at home – trees that we as volunteers planted just 25 years ago as little seedlings from the Agricultural Dept. They now tower above the land and form a perfect shelter of view from the road. The Pines in front of my building and the Pines at Friendship Village are One Vibration. When I am present with the Pines in my current location, I am present with the Pines back home at Friendship Village.

We have abundant birds and squirrels where I live. I never tire of watching the birds in the trees, and the squirrels romping amongst the trees in our courtyard provide unlimited entertainment.

Much to my delight, there are squirrels who climb the walls outside my windows and scamper along my windowsills during the day. We even get to “talk” occasionally – as I will make a sound to imitate their chattering and they stop and try to figure out who that big squirrel is on the other side of the window!

Early on when I first moved in, I noticed the scampering of tiny feet taking place over my head late at night. I find it in totally synchronicity that they would find the corner where I am sleeping under to make their nightly romp and playfulness. The pitter-patter of their tiny feet racing around even helps me to fall to sleep, much like the sound of the rain on the tin roofs at home.

It also allows me to fall to sleep smiling, counting my blessings that the Beloveds would stay connected. Then I smile even deeper within myself, realizing that they are but the messengers and physically realizations of my Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, reaching out and touching me through the Beloveds.

“So Beloveds know what I am really saying, when I say, I am with you always, I am the wind kissing your face, playing in your hair, brushing tears from your cheeks. I am the stars winking and calling you to look up. I am the song of the bird there in the tree…listen to me! I am saying we are One, I live in you and you in me! Let this life be all that it can be, Joy.” -Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha *

-Deborah Adler/Great Doe

*To Live Fully in Joy ©2008 Pa’Ris’Ha. All Rights Reserved;                                                                                 © Copyright 2007 Parisha Online. All Rights Reserved.

©2011 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved. (NOTE: All quotes remain the sole property of the original authors.)

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