A Good Day

5 Feb

I’ve had an extraordinary adventure this evening. It started with a casual meeting in a second-hand store a few weeks back. An older gentleman approached me and asked about a sweater he had tried on, if I thought he looked good in it. We got to talking and as one thing let to another I shared with him about our retreat and conference center in southeastern Ohio. He was interested in learning more, and he had also shared a pet project he was working on to start a jobs program for ex-cons to help them with re-entry into the work world. I gave him my business card and he gave me his number and we promised to get together to learn more about each other’s projects.

After a subsequent phone conversation in which it became apparent that we might be able to help each other out, we decided to meet. When the time came this evening, I found myself feeling a bit nervous.

So I called a man whom I call my Brother from my extended spiritual family who resides in town here and asked if he would be available to pick me up in case I needed to jump out of the car or run out of a building. My loving and supportive brother made no fun of my question but simply and emphatically said he would be available if needed. Then I promised to call him once I got back. Just knowing that someone knew where I was going and that I had back-up took away my edginess. And I felt loved!

I then called a woman back home at our retreat and conference center, one whom I call Sister as part of my extended spiritual family. She assisted me as we worked together through a formula we have to map out our intentions for an event. This helped to crystallize the outcome I had in mind when I agreed to the meeting.

I was ready.

My get-together with this gentleman went very well. He had agreed to stop at an office store where I had emailed some documents to be copied – information I wanted to give him to pass along to some others of influence. While waiting to pick up my copies from the desk I noticed a young man of Asian descent with a man who wore the garments of a Buddhist Lama.

I overheard as they presented en envelope to the clerk and asked about getting the address scanned and reproduced as labels. Knowing that this would be fairly expensive if done by the copy center, I offered my business card to the young man and told them to email what they wanted on the labels and I would make a template for them and email it to them. I told them it would be my service to them.

They were very pleased. I felt my spiritual mentor and Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha smiling over my shoulder, as she so often demonstrates to us the value of a life of service.

As always, I stood in awe and wonder of the synchronicity of the moment – of all the elements to come together in Time and Space that I would walk into that store at the precise moment those two gentlemen would step up to the counter with their question.

“I trust that everything happens for a reason, even when we’re not wise enough to see it.” – Oprah Winfrey

We then proceeded to drive over to the near west side of the city to deliver some cakes that the gentleman had in his car. We arrived at a faith-based street mission. It was somewhat ironic since the gentleman is very “Old World Jewish.” But when we proceeded into the modest building, it was obvious the man was well-known there – through his service. We were both greeted warmly.

There was food and coffee and cookies and cakes. People sat at tables and in chairs near the entrance. The front of the room had a makeshift stage.

We stayed for a man to deliver the message of the evening – a minister who had recently lost his pastoral assignment and was obviously coming back on his own road of new beginnings. His message was sincere and simple. Basically, it was about Service. How may I serve as opposed to what can I get? I just smiled and kept feeling my Grandmother’s presence.

I looked into the faces of those sitting at the tables. Young, old, black, white. Many of them were undoubtedly homeless, others looked burdened. But they seemed to brighten with this humble man’s message. And for the moment, they were inside, away from the cold and getting a decent meal.

After the message, my friend and I went into the back where there were pool tables and children’s play things, but the room was deserted for the moment. We talked about the retreat center and as I had hoped, I was successful in conveying my passion for what we have achieved thus far and what the vast potential for it remains to be fulfilled. He caught the fire!

We went back out into the main room and I talked with the older woman who is the organizer of the place before we left. She was talking with a man who looked like he had been out in the cold for a while, and possibly had been drinking. She went down into the basement and brought up a bundle of clothes for him, and a small backpack, while in the background people continued to visit, play card games and eat around the various tables.

We said our goodbyes and went back out into the cold, but I felt a warmth inside that transcended the external temperature.

What a gift this evening has been! What an adventure! All because I dared to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

When I arrived back at my building I called my brother and shared with him a little about my experience. I’m sure I’ll be going back again to that little Street Mission with my friend – probably take my guitar next time.

It’s been a good day and my basket is filled to overflowing with blessings!

“Want success? Just count the good things of each day and give grateful acknowledgment that you have allowed it to be part of your day!” – Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

To the Giver That Gives All I give deep appreciation!  -Deborah Adler/Great Doe

©2011 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved. (NOTE: All quotes remain the sole property of the original authors.)

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2 Responses to “A Good Day”

  1. Debbie Gulley February 6, 2011 at 1:06 am #

    Yo Deb!!!
    I was very moved by your “Good Day” So first off thank you for sharing with me. Secondly, what a great day!! I am one when in public I will chat up anyone I meet. Hopefully not to the point of being annoying. I think not though based on the reactions and interactions that we, my new acquaintance and I share. I have met so many wonderful experienced life and loved filled people this way. I think being open honest and kind is the best way to be with all people. However I think this lesson is best when the people are someone who others in our society would never stop to bother themselves with. There is so much judgment in the world and all are so quick to pull this trigger and that is where the lines are drawn. I understand your day and truly appreciate it as the gift you see being as I agree. What a wonderful, loving connection that you made and what marvelous new doors it has opened for you in so many ways. Enjoy being brave enough to go through the first door which now has opened so many more. Celebrate today and know I am celebrating it with you dear friend… Thank you… Deb to Deb…. 😉

    • Deb February 7, 2011 at 10:00 am #

      WOW! Thanks for the feedback, Deb ! Love getting to know you better and being friends! Deb to Deb 🙂

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