9 Feb

In the tradition of my spiritual mentor and Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha’s people, there is only one law: Respect.

How simple, and yet how very profound.

Think about it. One word vs. hundreds of thousands of pages on the law books of every nation and countless international organizations.

Webster’s Online defines “Respect” – the verb as, “to consider worthy of high regard” and “to refrain from interfering with.”

If one applies the word “Respect” to every single situation described in the Bible’s Ten Commandments – there would be no need. If one respects another, they would not injure or covet their property.

“Respect” is all-encompassing as a Principle of Right-Relationship with others.

It is also the key to Right Relationship with our own self.

Self-Respect means that we would not denigrate ourselves physically, mentally or emotionally. When we have Self-Respect we honor the Body-Altar and would do nothing to harm it, as with addictive substances or demeaning behaviors.

Respect for our self opens the door to Self-Love, without which we cannot possibly know how to love another.

The Old Ones were wise in their non-complexity. We, as a complex society can still benefit and learn from their wisdom.

With Respect for All life, we have all that we need for peaceful productive lives.

“Mutual respect is the foundation of genuine harmony. We should strive for a spirit of harmony, not for political or economic reasons, but rather simply because we realize the value of other traditions. I always make an effort to promote religious harmony.” – Dalai Lama

“…love is the power that lays aside petty behavior that separates us and will reveal that our enemy is someone like ourselves with a face and a heart.  What we can’t understand scares us and when we are fearful of anything, we kill it.  Love seeks to understand: with understanding, all things are possible!” – Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha *

-Deborah Adler/Great Doe

*from OF WHAT AUTHORITY DO WE JUDGE ANOTHER © 1990 Pa’Ris’Ha  Reprinted by permission from the Yunsai Society Communications Letter:  October 1990: Vol. III, No. 6


©2011 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved. (NOTE: All quotes remain the sole property of the original authors.)

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