24 Feb

The title for yesterday’s post was “I am not my job.”   The points I covered are all good – BUT I broke one of the tenets that I have learned from experience as well as my work with my spiritual mentor and Elder, as well as business coach, Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor.

Simply stated: the brain has an interesting way of processing negative words. It seems they become invisible. So when we formulate affirmations with the word “not” or “won’t” or similar declarations, the brain goes right past that negative word and processes what follows.

So “I am not my job” gets processed by the brain as “I am my job.”

As I have learned from Pa’Ris’Ha, when we make a “mis-take” we can “re-take” and make the necessary correction towards a better result.

What I really mean to focus on and use as a mantra is:

“I am more than my job.”

To me, this phrasing accomplishes defining my worth as going way beyond just what I do. I won’t repeat the whole discussion from the previous blog; you can just read it here:

Suffice it to say that when we’re forming AFFIRMATIONS, we want to AFFIRM. So avoid the negatives and stick with the positives. Find a way to phrase your affirmation that helps you reach toward something rather than away from it.

I got a very powerful lesson in that principle a few years back. I was facing pairing up with someone for a rooming assignment with whom I definitely had issues. My mental focus was so much on what I didn’t want to have happen that it became a mental obsession.

We know that what we choose to make our focus will become what we experience. You guessed it, when the time came for the assignments, I got paired up with the person I had spent way too much time thinking about not wanting to be with. LOL!

Of course, it became an opportunity to grow, to look past my own prejudices and history with this person and create a positive experience. We had some rough moments, but overall we both came out better for the experience.  🙂

“I have found we make real what we believe and our mind set determines our lifestyle and level of happiness.” *Pa’Ris’Ha

Appreciation is another way to accomplish looking beyond what we might commonly think of as the “drudgery” of a job. EVERY circumstance presents opportunities for us to be of service, care, excel, and “take the high road.”  So when I start out with naming the things that I can feel good about in my job – or anything – whether or not they are acknowledged by anyone else, I build a foundation that allows the statement, “I am more than my job” to take me even further in self worth. I acknowledge my accomplishments and remind myself that WHO I AM goes way beyond what I do! -Deborah Adler

Each of us was given the joy of life.  Appreciate it, all of it, and if you want more health and wealth in yours, appreciate what you have and focus on it joyfully. Live without fear of scarcity.” **Pa’Ris’Ha

“What I know for sure is that what you give comes back to you.” –Oprah Winfrey

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** FOLLOW THE QUESTION INWARD ©  1994 Pa’Ris’Ha © Copyright 2007 Parisha Online. All Rights Reserved.

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