For the Love of Winter

7 Mar

I love Winter.

Many people have screen shots of tropical beaches on their computers. I have a beautiful winter scene of a snow covered hillside populated with tall pines trees. The virgin snow glistens in the sunlight and sits piled on the branches. There’s even pockets of deeper blue snow created by the shade. All is part of the “mystique” of snow for me. I drink that picture in every time I see it.

I lived in several different log cabins over the years in a rural setting with some close friends. One of the gifts of living there was walking up the hill to the far cabin from the main lodge late at night after (or during) a snowfall.

There is nothing, to me, more exhilarating than the smell of the crisp air when the temperatures are in the low twenties or teens. There’s a clean smell that’s positively unique, like ozone. There’s a bite in the air that almost forces its way into your lungs.

To me, it’s invigorating. I’ve always found the cold temperatures refreshing. I love it!

There’s a stark beauty to a snow-covered hillside that transcends the bite of the cold. Even cities look cleaner under a fresh blanket of white!

I love standing in the snow and holding my tongue out to catch snow flakes!

Snow brings the kid out in me. When it starts snowing while I’m at work, and others start complaining, I look out and smile. “I love the snow,” I declare and they scowl and leave with their food and their unhappiness intact. I don’t let it touch me – I get the same feeling of magic looking out that window at the snow as I do looking at one of those little “snow globes” you can get with figures or scenes in them that “snow” when you turn them upside down and then right them. I have one on my desk with a snowman and a pine tree decorated for Christmas.

We live in Nature. When we try to change it, manipulate it, destroy it, isolate ourselves from it, we are harming ourselves as well. We’re in denial.

“I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.” –Dalai Lama

We are One with Creation. When we seek to live in harmony with it, appreciating it in all its forms, we open ourselves to “living in the miracle.”  Living in appreciation far exceeds living in denial or condemnation.

Kids splash in rain puddles, build snowmen/women 🙂 and lay down in the snow to make “snow-angels.” When “inclement” weather happens, let the little kid out in you – go PLAY!

🙂 Deborah Adler

“Creator’s love for Man is not easily described. To live fully in Joy, is Creator’s plan for us…. We talk to all of nature and it talks back to us! The Earth speaks to us; we lie down and embrace her grasses and soil. Her smell when the rain comes is intoxicating! Rain, Sun, Forest, relations, all are a part of us. Heavens reflect us and all of creation is us. How do we not know joy!” -Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha from To Live Fully in Joy


To Live Fully in Joy ©2008 Pa’Ris’Ha. All Rights Reserved. © Copyright 2007 Parisha Online. All Rights Reserved.

©2011 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved. (NOTE: All quotes remain the sole property of the original authors.)

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