Learning, Growing

20 Mar

“There is a lesson in almost everything that you do, and getting the lesson is how you move forward. It is how you enrich your spirit.” –Oprah

Life is an ongoing series of lessons learned from taking actions that either yield desirable results or not. When the results are of the “not desirable” kind, it’s up to us to turn that assessment into one that can be used to better our understanding, increase our determination or fuel our desire to press on.

When thwarted by another’s actions – or so it seems – it all comes back to us. What could we have done different. What can we do now?

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha often refers to this as “Mis-take; Re-Take.”  In other words, using the opportunity of undesirable results to create desirable results the second time around. There comes no judgment with that, no guilt-tripping or vilification. There is simply the observation, the evaluation, and the re-creation based upon whether the final results are deemed productive or not.

We ask ourselves, “How can I do that differently to produce a different outcome?” and then proceed accordingly.  -Deborah Adler

Learning is dealing with failure. Growing is maximizing our failures.” -Pa’Ris’Ha*

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