Persistency Pays Off

27 Mar

“I am a woman in process. I’m just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience, & learn from it.” –Oprah Winfrey

Persistency has been a challenge for me in life.

“Inch-by-inch is a cinch

Yard-by-yard is hard.”

That’s a saying often used in network marketing circles, but it applies to life in general.

As one who often tries to “push the river” I’ve had to embrace a simple but effective means of selling…the “sort.”

Sorting through prospects de-personalizes the “no’s” and helps you get to the “yes’s” faster and with less high drama.

Consistent Effort Yields Consistent Results.

Just this past week I’ve experienced two prime examples of a subtle consistent effort of sharing information with prospects over time resulting in them coming to me with a sense of urgency and saying, “I’m ready to take a real look at this.”

Key factor, “I’m ready.”

When someone is receptive, they’re going to accept the information. When they are resistant, they are going to remain closed off to it – no matter how obvious it might be that they are in need or could benefit from your service or product.

“Surrender” comes to mind. I put in the effort and turn over the outcome to something or someone beyond my immediate desire to manipulate circumstances to my advantage. Because it’s not about just me – it’s about a larger picture that involves the “Greatest Good for All.”

There’s also the fact that good sales entails being a good listener. Find the need and fulfill it – don’t cram what you need down someone else’s throat.

A person’s own timing can be a key element to acceptance. If they feel pressured they walk away. It’s instinctive to protect one’s self. If the door is left open and the atmosphere remains friendly without any sense of obligation or pressure, they are more likely to stay close. Staying close they will continue to be exposed to new information. Eventually they will either “buy” or not – sorting themselves in or out of the picture.

That can require some patience. It also requires losing a sense of desperation. People sense that a mile away – and they run. If you stay interested in the other person’s needs, they’ll keep talking.

I’m getting better at that. This week, I got to see the fruits of  quiet persistency – and non-desperation.

Detachment is very helpful in sales, as in life. There is no one person or occurance upon which the success of my business or my life hangs on. Whatever transpires is all good.

Do the “inch-by-inch” and determine your destination, but let go of the results and be flexible when the course takes an unanticipated turn – because it’s in those moments where God-Creator-The Universe takes over and delivers an even greater outcome than we could have ever imagined!

“All around you no matter where you are is opportunity. You decide its potential and outcome. You are the co-creators. Make a life worthy of all the gifts we are. Love from a place empty of fear. Live in eternal celebration of being chosen for this world and life, and if we manage well, we will dwell in its glory and beauty again.” -Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha


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