3 Weeks and Counting

2 Apr

“I define joy as a sustained sense of well-being and internal peace – a connection to what matters.” Oprah Winfrey

Three weeks ago I attended a Women’s Expo. I was there as an exhibitor helping to staff a booth. We had a fairly good turn out both days and I managed to talk with a lot of people. I came away with ten solid leads, three of which have already led to sales.

I also received a gift on the second and final day of the Expo. One of the other exhibitors had carnations that she has been giving out to the attendees. As the event was drawing to a close and fellow exhibitors began taking our displays down, she came around to give away the remaining carnations she had.

I got a beautiful white carnation. I carefully protected it amongst the several things I had to carry out with me and when I arrived back at my place I cut the long stem down and placed her in a tall jar I had for just such an occasion. Then I placed her in on my desk in front of my computer keyboard (where I spend most of my time!).

I am amazed to say that she is still vibrant, still fresh standing upright in her glass. I’ve freshened the water twice and even wiped off a little slim that looked like it was forming at her base.

I feel like I have a new friend. I have spoken my appreciation for her beauty and gifting to me from day one. She seems remarkably resilient. She evens smells like a carnation. One thing I have noticed to my disappointment is that so man flowers now-a-days don’t smell any more – which is sad.

My Father used to gift my Mother and I with gardenia corsages for special occasions. They were so fragrant and beautiful. Their fragrance graced the house for many days afterward.

Maybe this sounds like a lot of fuss over one flower. But I feel a connection to this Being. It was, after all, taken from its connection to the Earth, thus cut off from its nourishment and life support. Still, she has survived and gifted me not only its beauty and strength but a sense of companionship. Every time I look at her, I get the sense that I’m looking at a special Messenger.

So I celebrate my Friend, the Carnation, today. I will enjoy however many more days we have together because I have come to appreciate that there are no coincidences; Life is a Gift and comes in many different forms, and Appreciation is the key to a rich and joyous experience here. – Deborah Adler

“The Old One said, ‘All life resonates from our existence. The universe is our outer body. All is connected.’ This has been an echo that has been at the heart of a life time of seeking and exploring being Human. How and what does it mean to be human? Like the subatomic level of atoms and electrons that are the base of all matter and form, Man is such in the Cosmos.” –Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha,  from The Body as an Altar*

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