60 is the New 30!

14 Apr

“I have found, for myself, that the best secret to aging is about your attitude,” Oprah says. “I think it’s how you feel about yourself at any given moment—if you’re in love with yourself, if you feel that you have [something] to offer to yourself, your family and the world.” –Oprah Winfrey

I saw a clip on a morning show the other day about a 60 year old woman who has been winning awards as a championship body-builder who was about to embark on training for the grueling Triathlon.

“Sixty is now the new Thirty” proclaimed the announcer.


I have been associated with an extraordinary group of people over the years who have remained active and productive; some of them well into their 70’s and beyond.

We build, we hike, we get involved in volunteer projects to benefit others. We joke about how we can fit an entire week into 24 hours. We laugh and sing and enjoy life.

Advertising agencies have long been on a campaign to convince the American public that they’re “toast” after 25. BULL!

We are who and what we think we are. Simply the mantra “Sixty is the New Thirty!” repeated over the course of the day is bound to put a spring in your step!

Jack Benny was famous for telling everyone he was perpetually “39” – but that was a form of denial. Everyone laughed. But everyone knew that was a lie.

“Sixty is the New Thirty!” is a revolution. It’s celebrating that fact that the mind has the ability to dictate to the body how it will function.

Think that’s a bunch of bunk? Take a look at Health and Fitness Icon Jack Lalane, who died at the age of 96. He chose to celebrate his 70th birthday “handcuffed, shackled, and fighting strong winds and currents”, towing70 rowboats, including one with several guests, from the Queen’s Way Bridge in the Long Beach Harbor to the Queen Mary, for a total distance of 1 mile!

Think he got up in the morning and thought about being old?

I remember when Jane Fonda turned 40. She as well as a host of other actresses of the same age was being celebrated as coming of age – a new age of arrival for women. Now, as the life expectancy increases for humans, and the crazy, rockin’ “Baby Boomers” move into their sixties – there’s a renaissance afoot that’s likely to throw all the old conventions about “aging” right out the window!

I, for one, celebrate this.

How old am I?

30! 🙂

 -Deborah Adler

“Treat your body as the Altar where you meet face to face and heart to heart with what you accept as supreme intelligence, in whatever sacred Name you call it. Live as you believe God to Be. And love as you desire to be loved. Appreciate and focus on what you want more of in life.” -Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha* from THE BODY AS AN ALTAR*

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