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1 Apr

It’s been a while since I wrote a new post. I’ve been a little busy on another writing project – not an excuse, but just sayin’…

I am adjusting to life in a small town, Kingman Arizona. It’s not Columbus and whether you believe it or not, I MISS Ohio. As a native Michigander, I never thought I’d hear myself say that, but it’s true!

I moved to Cleveland in 1977 to attend graduate studies at Case Western Reserve University. The school is known for its Medical School, Engineering, Law, etc…I graduated from the 3-year pre-professional acting program with an M.F.A in Acting. The program at that time was a rival of Yale’s 3 year program and we were taught by all professional Equity Actors from the Cleveland Play House! It was an outstanding experience!

I became involved with The Learning Center for Human Development, a global humanitarian organization, and began a journey I’m still on today – almost 30 years later! I have had the privilege of participating in many projects to benefit others. Our recent focus has been to help raise awareness and reduce human trafficking, and we’re seeing successful results.

I helped to build a beautiful conference and retreat center in south-eastern Ohio, along with volunteers from all parts of the U.S., Canada, and countries on every continent around the globe! We worked, we laughed, we learned…it was a glorious time in my life that I truly treasure. Many of those people are still close friends today, and some I am working with in Arizona and Ohio on continued projects.

I met and began to study with LCFHD’s Founder, Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor. She has been and remains today my Traditional Elder, Business /coach and Mentor, and perpetual inspiration to always be the best I can be. I invited into that relationship – I asked her to be a reflection, no bull, no sugar-coating, to help me become my best. I could not have asked for a better experience. Like most successful coaches, she has challenged me, believed in me and celebrated my successes. She has helped me to “fail forward” through my blunders and helped me to develop my leadership capabilities. Out of respect, I call her “Grandmother.”

I spent 16 years living in Summerfield, Ohio, at Friendship Village International Retreat and Conference Center. I was, and is, a magnificent place where I met many people from all over the world, as we were building, and then those who came to enjoy the fruits of our labors. It was built all with volunteer funds and labor – most of us didn’t know squat about construction, but we learned!

I moved to Columbus Ohio in 2009 to take care of some financial and personal matters that needed handling. I found a local studio and recorded a single of my original song “Because You Believe.” I had already been active in the recovery community there and the move helped me strengthen those bonds and further my growth. Trouble is when you finally let the walls down and invest yourself in others, allowing them in…it hurts like hell when you have to move on.

So that’s where it’s at right now. I am in a new adventure, but I also miss the comfort of the known and familiar, and I miss my friends. thankfully, we have FaceBook, where I keep in touch with many from back in Columbus!

When I get really homesick for snow, I can drive to Flagstaff – and I plan to! In the meantime, I am taking it a day at a time here, furthering my education in business management and personal development, making new friends in the recovery community here and appreciating the many opportunities that come my way every day to be of service and connect with others.

Thanks for listening!
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