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Deb Adler’s”Know Change Know Gain – a pathway to better choices” is Now Available!

1 Aug

2-16-19 Cover B


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Note: This Ebook is currently available in PDF format only.  More to come!

This book was written as an accumulation of experiences and information that continues to help me along my own personal growth evolution.  That’s right; our personal, professional, emotional and spiritual growth is ongoing. You’ve heard it before – it’s not about the destination – because every day we wake up alive, the “finish line” has been moved! It’s all about the JOURNEY.

How we perceive our environment and our lives determines whether that journey is drudgery or a joyful dance. It doesn’t matter what life challenges us with – what determines our success, our happiness, is how do we respond?

There are those who believe that change has to be hard and painful. Guess what? You’ve just defined your experience. The more you reinforce that as your truth, the more you “cement” that truth as yours. The obvious play on words here is that too often quoted belief, “no pain no gain.” Did you know that there’s evidence that the subconscious mind fails to register “negatives” (i.e. “no”). That’s why I structured the title “Know Change, Know Gain.”

Will reading this book change your life forever? Maybe. That’s always a possibility. But what if there was just one kernel of something that made a difference in how you view yourself, others, your environment, and how you can influence that to be more like what you want it to look like? Just one little morsel that you never considered before? Would it be worth it?

Here’s what I know: we are all here as a unique part of a beautiful mosaic called “Life.” Each of us is vital to the whole. My desire in sharing this book is to help one other person find ways to remove or release the obstacles they may have created or inherited from others. If we’re on the journey, we’re works in progress!

Having the life you want was never a matter of “deserving” – you exist, therefore, you deserve All Good Things – it’s a matter of how much do you want it?



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Humming and the Pursuit of Happiness

29 Jan

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. –Dalai Lama

My mother was a hummer. Not the car, the practice.

My mother, Ethel Irene Kugler Adler, was constantly humming around the house.

I would always marvel at her statement to others when she would say with all modesty “I don’t know where Debby gets her musical ability from – must be her father” (who happened to sing with the New York City Boys Choir as a kid).

But I would tell her that she had provided a rich environment of music for me from the time I was born. There were always records – yes, those old “78’s” – playing in what we referred to as “the middle room” in the house I grew up in. I learned how to sing before I was two by mimicking Perry Como, Kate Smith, Bing Crosby and Harry Belefonte, among the others that we listened to all during the day.

But it was really my mother, who was constantly humming while she worked around that house that I remember so vividly. I’m not even sure that she was humming popular songs – she just hummed.

I’m a hummer, too. In fact, I will become suddenly aware that I’m humming a song, and then laugh to discover what tune I’m humming. It’s become a pretty good barometer of my mood or thought process of the moment.

I’ve noticed that kids are chastised for humming. So if someone is humming because they’re happy, why do we need to cut that off? That’s sort of like trying to keep a cat from purring in my book. What’s the point?

ANY musical appreciation or ability needs to be encouraged. Humans have a rich connection to their culture through music. In the realm of the physical, the vagus or tenth cranial nerve makes a unique connection between the brain, voice and heart. So singing, and even humming, can serve as a healthy function.

Music is the Language of the Heart. Humming is just another dialect. If you are or know a “hummer” – encourage them. Who knows? They might just be the positive influence on the next “rock star’s” career.

Or they might just be that which brings joy to those around them. A noble outcome, for sure. 🙂  -Deborah Adler

“Being creative means trusting your inner calling, ignoring criticism or judgment, and releasing resistance to your natural talents.” -Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor

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