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The Warrior’s Stance

3 Dec

I am a network marketer. Tonight I spent time with one of the top producers in my company and listened to him share a little bit about his story. What impressed everyone in the room most was what he shared with us about how he rebounded from a $17,000 chargeback on one account. I personally was also impressed by that fact that it only took him 6 months to do so. Some people take years to balance a debt like that!

His account of this occurrence was inspiring because he never lost faith in himself or the company, and he NEVER CONSIDERED QUITTING. So today he is a Group Benefits VP and in addition to being a 6-figure income producer, he is part of the growing millionaire’s circle.

Spiritual Mentor and my Elder Grandmother Parisha has coached some of us in business ventures, as well as life challenges. Her constant message: Winners never quit and Quitters never win!

In the traditional ways of Grandmother Parisha’s people, The Warrior’s Society are the protectors. They are also the “action” people who serve the community and get things done.

One time Grandmother Parisha shared wit h us about the “Warrior’s Stance.” Sometimes, if not standing upright, a Warrior will kneel with one knee to the Earth Mother. The reason for this is that a Warrior has only two positions: “on their feet” or “on their way up.”

Each of us face daily “battles” – whether with seemingly outward circumstances, or inner conflicts. Quantum Physics shows us more and more that we create our outer circumstances through our thoughts and inner dialog. We are who/what we believe.

Sometimes a Warrior may dishonor themselves before the People, but even then, they are not “down” but considered “on their way up.”

That’s the mind-set of the Champion. Champions don’t quit. They don’t always have a smooth road to victory. In fact the Physics Principle of “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” tells us that the greater the intention we put forth, the greater the opposition that will come back as a response. Rather than fear obstacles (opposition) Grandmother Parisha teaches us to see them as the measure of the power of what we have set out to do. She embraces the opposition, resolves it, and achieves her intention.

We all have the Warrior within us. We are all Champions. So long as we stay on the playing field, we will have our day. The more we embrace creating our reality we transform ourselves from victim to Victor.

Be the Warrior. Resolve within yourself that there is no “down.’ There is only standing or on your way up!  -Deborah Adler

©2010 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved.

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Parisha Taylor: To Live Fully in Joy

21 Sep

Creator’s love for Man is not easily described. To live fully in Joy, is Creator’s plan for us.

I recall days in the meadows and gardens when the buzz of the bees and flying Ones hummed through visits to the flowers and trees. Evenings of a chorus of Feathered and Winged Ones settling in for the night. Then Silence pervades…only to be invaded by the throaty voices of the tree frogs and marsh people’s songs. The rising and ebbing credenzas of the crickets and frogs, with a distant Hoot from Grandfather Owl, all orchestrating the Night Songs of my youth.

Nature gives us this connection, and intimacy with ourselves and Creator. This knowledge is common to Cherokees. We know every animal, and Being knows the main purpose of life is to enjoy and live fully all of the time of life we are given.

So feelings are important to us and how we live our days. The first thing we consider is how we feel…but feelings are constantly changing. So we soon learn to awaken each day with meaningful matters, like Sunrises and singing of the glory of a new day. Our emotional state is ours to manage, and to be with like minded community is the connection we have to each other in this emotional matrix called life.

So communicating and expressing creatively is how we hold that joy in life. We talk to all of nature and it talks back to us! The Earth speaks to us; we lie down and embrace her grasses and soil. Her smell when the rain comes is intoxicating! Rain, Sun, Forest, relations, all are a part of us. Heavens reflect us and all of creation is us. How do we not know joy!

The relating to your Being in the sense of being energy begins to bring you to realization and evolution in what is real about this world and life. Energy does not die or cease to be, it just shifts and changes, at what time, or place in Space, Time and Matter have we been the All That Is….we are the Bees, birds and creatures of the lands! As well as the stars and Universe, we live simply in the process of recognizing ourselves in all of life.

So Beloveds know what I am really saying, when I say, I am with you always, I am the wind kissing your face, playing in your hair, brushing tears from your cheeks. I am the stars winking and calling you to look up. I am the song of the bird there in the tree…listen to me! I am saying we are One, I live in you and you in me! Let this life be all that it can be, Joy.

So is my message of this day…….cee-o!

©2008 Pa’Ris’Ha. All Rights Reserved.

More from Parisha Taylor at: http://www.parishonline.com

When The Going Gets Tough, Do You Keep Going?

1 Aug


“You have nothing to lose if you fail, but everything to gain by trying again.

“When you journal daily make a point to highlight what you have learned and what has changed in you. It is always what is inside that determines what we experience in each situation. We are human and this is the way we evolve and mature.

“We exchange time for experience…That is life.

“Take charge of yours…make goals and keep them.

“Make goals that involve stretching, but allow them to be within your means.

Daily accomplishments strengthen us.

Make some goals accomplishable on your way to major leaps!”*

These words are from my long time business coach and mentor Parisha Taylor. She is constantly reminding those of us she works with of the value of “failing forward.”   In her words, when we experience a “mis-take” we can easily do a “re-take” thus turning the learning experience from our “failure” into the building blocks of the next success. It’s that simple.

Grandmother Parisha was raised in a culture that provided a nourishing environment for learning through mis-takes and re-takes. So it’s natural for her to live and teach from this simple truth. For those of us who grew up with parents, teachers or other authority figures who might have admonished, criticized or demeaned us for our mistakes, we have to overcome old feelings of embarrassment or being “wrong” which we learned to equate with being “bad.”

Our upbringings are what they were. We can’t change the people from our past. But we CAN change the lessons we bring forward from the past.

Long after those “authority figures” are out of our lives, we allow their voices to occupy space in our heads. We bring forward those feelings of shame, hurt, or anger that block us from the freedom to make mistakes. We live in a culture that confuses “ignorance” for “stupidity,’ and condemns anything less than perfection, which in itself is self-defeating. Self admonishment is not an effective teacher. I know.

Life is a perpetual learning lab. It’s up to us to decide to be the perpetual student. By freeing ourselves from the old stigmas of making mistakes, we create an environment for ourselves that inspires success through persistence. Far too many people quit when they are closer than they realize to their goal.

By journaling our day at night-time before going to bed, as Coach Parisha Taylor advises, we can stake stock of the day’s successes and failures. We take note of what worked and what we could have done better or differently. These are the lessons we bring forth from our day – be it business, relationships, whatever.

Our experiences change us, if we chose to learn from them.  Journaling can assist to gain a perspective on that as well. “It is always what is inside that determines what we experience in each situation.”

Coach Parisha Taylor once shared these words with us from another great motivator, Brian Tracy: “RESOLVE in advance that you will never give up…RESOLVE to persist until you succeed.”  She reminds us that by refusing to stop, we become unstoppable!

Coach Parish’s also taught that time is the most precious commodity we have.  It is the only thing that we spend that we can never get back once we have. We can always get more money, more things…but time, once it’s gone, it’s gone. So exchanging out time for experience is a great way to make sure we get the most out of it every day. Miss no opportunity to learn from an interaction, a situation, however seemingly small or insignificant. For those moments will become the building blocks that we can utilize to take on the mountains we dare to dream about!

By treating life as an opportunity instead of a “sentence” – by realizing that every day is a gift, an adventure – by nurturing and loving ourselves – we can take on the most horrendous of circumstances and triumph – One victory at a time! – Deb Adler

*©1986-2010 Parisha Taylor. All rights reserved.

©2010 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved.

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