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Deb Adler’s”Know Change Know Gain – a pathway to better choices” is Now Available!

1 Aug

2-16-19 Cover B


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Note: This Ebook is currently available in PDF format only.  More to come!

This book was written as an accumulation of experiences and information that continues to help me along my own personal growth evolution.  That’s right; our personal, professional, emotional and spiritual growth is ongoing. You’ve heard it before – it’s not about the destination – because every day we wake up alive, the “finish line” has been moved! It’s all about the JOURNEY.

How we perceive our environment and our lives determines whether that journey is drudgery or a joyful dance. It doesn’t matter what life challenges us with – what determines our success, our happiness, is how do we respond?

There are those who believe that change has to be hard and painful. Guess what? You’ve just defined your experience. The more you reinforce that as your truth, the more you “cement” that truth as yours. The obvious play on words here is that too often quoted belief, “no pain no gain.” Did you know that there’s evidence that the subconscious mind fails to register “negatives” (i.e. “no”). That’s why I structured the title “Know Change, Know Gain.”

Will reading this book change your life forever? Maybe. That’s always a possibility. But what if there was just one kernel of something that made a difference in how you view yourself, others, your environment, and how you can influence that to be more like what you want it to look like? Just one little morsel that you never considered before? Would it be worth it?

Here’s what I know: we are all here as a unique part of a beautiful mosaic called “Life.” Each of us is vital to the whole. My desire in sharing this book is to help one other person find ways to remove or release the obstacles they may have created or inherited from others. If we’re on the journey, we’re works in progress!

Having the life you want was never a matter of “deserving” – you exist, therefore, you deserve All Good Things – it’s a matter of how much do you want it?



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Free Webinar: Maintaining Calm in a World of Chaos

18 Nov

This Saturday, November 22nd, is an opportunity to tune into a free webinar with Parisha Taylor. There are two times, and if you can’t make either of those, sign-up anyway because you will be able to receive the audio free!

I highly recommend this webinar. I have worked with Parisha Taylor for over 28 years and you can find more of my experiences with her at my blog, My Extraordinary Life with Business Coach Parisha Taylor: Life Lessons in Excellence.





Sign up for the free webinar here: http://nomw.parishas-world.com/maintain-calm/

Love is Louder: Transforming Humankind

2 Dec

It would seem that we as a Human Family are on the brink of an epiphany: That we are really One, that caring is more powerful than hurting, and that the smallest act of kindness can make a difference not only in a person’s life, but indeed the entire fabric of Humankind.

After a rash of youth suicides attributed to bullying over the past few months, there has been an outpouring of support and encouragement from nonprofit organizations, religious and humanitarian groups, and most notably thousands of personal messages through the “It Gets Better Project” from LGBTQ and straight people alike assuring those who might be in a challenging time of their life that a better experience awaits them.

Now, there is a wonderful project that just showed up on Facebook on Dec 1st called “7 Days of Love is Louder.”

To summarize, this is a simple outline for 7 days of expressing appreciation and gratitude and taking action of being good to ourselves and reaching out to others.

Grandmother Parisha, my spiritual mentor and Elder, is constantly reinforcing to those of us who have studied and worked with her that pain and hardship is a choice we make through how we view our experiences and create our “self-talk.”

By focusing on gratitude, we feed our faith and our strength to handle whatever might come our way. There are no stumbling blocks, there are only stepping stones.

To some that may seem simplistic, yet I come from a background of addiction recovery, where “Keeping it Simple” can be a real survival skill in life. It can make the difference between success and failure especially during the initial stage of getting free and clear of toxicants – where the “rubber meets the road.”

People guiding my early days of recovery told me to make a gratitude list. For every pain or fear or negative thought I could come up with – I had to find the “gift” in it. It wasn’t easy at first, but after a while I got the hang of it. Today it has become second nature – when I choose to exercise that simple wisdom.

Grandmother Parisha, along with other great mentors, teaches that, We Are What We Think. We Create our Experience – Our Reality, if you will. Some look at the world today and see “the brink of destruction.” Others form service organizations or special relief missions or campaigns; millionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett created the “Giving Pledge” to encourage philanthropy; average citizens, celebrities and political leaders worldwide have joined in to let our youth know “It Gets Better” in an outpouring of love and encouragement that brings tears to my eyes every time I view one of the thousands of powerful messages!

There are tremendous Expressions and Acts of Love and Caring happening every day all over the world. It’s growing exponentially!

Another Principle that Grandmother Parisha has shared over the years is the power of Critical Mass.  MSN Encarta Dictionary defines “critical mass” as the “point of change: a point or situation at which change occurs.”  (http://encarta.msn.com/dictionary_1861688572/critical_mass.html)

Typically the example of achieving Critical Mass is that one-by-one-by-one individuals can effect change. When enough individuals join together in a common action or thought, change occurs. Here’s the good news: “Critical Mass” by scientific definition is achieved at 51%. That’s the point where the “scale tips” in the other direction.

We’re gaining momentum and moving toward a Human Evolution (or Revolution, if you will!). Grandmother Parisha is quoted as saying, “The world will not end. It will be transformed.” We are being transformed by the actions we are taking today.

So get on board! Take part in “7 Days of Love is Louder” – share it with your friends, family and co-workers. Share it with strangers!

We are making a difference for Humankind today. Join the movement!


Reach Out.




Speak Up.



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Napoleon Hill Was Right!

20 Jul

We all have heard the Napoleon Hill statement at some time or another: “What the Mind can Conceive and Believe, It can Achieve.”  I’ve also heard from various network marketing coaches the converse of this, which is “One percent doubt and you’re out!”

Business coach Parisha Taylor has often referred to both these concepts while coaching myself and others in the achievement of our goals.

I’ve been part of several network marketing opportunities over the years. Some of them were legit and some were not. Of the ones that were, that offered a solid compensation plan to its sales force, there were always generous bonuses for High Achievers.

Ever sat in an audience watching other people take the stage to accept an award for top performance and see yourself as somehow separate from them? Or when the company announces a bonus plan for extra achievement over and above the norm – do you find yourself saying “That’s for those guys.” And the unspoken tail-end of that sentence is “That’s not for me.”

I believe analyzing why a person goes to that place in their minds, while might prove a tantalizing exercise to behavioral psychologists, is a futile waste of critical time for the rest of us. After all, if we’re consumed with analysis of the past – that’s where we live. What I’ve learned from Grandmother Parisha is: If you want to change it – change it. Take action in the present. Be at Cause in your life.

Change is a decision.

If we are harboring doubts – even one percent – about a goal, then that one percent begins to aggressively compete for more attention inside the space of our thinking process until it has grown to a formidable opponent that effectively overpowers and shuts down the probability of achieving that goal.

If I don’t think I can do something – guess what? I won’t.

People don’t like to be told that success is a choice. They want to believe that they are somehow the victims of fate or chance or this one or that thing or, well you get the point. In order to achieve our goals we have to be willing to take responsibility. We respond-with-the-ability, as Coach Parisha Taylor says.

I recently had the opportunity to work with this in my efforts to get to a Four Day Walking Prayer/Meditation to Resolve the Gulf Oil Crisis and Healing for the Earth and all her inhabitants.  This is an event that I have participated in for over 10 years.

Without a car, and with some other challenges that we’ll just file under “drama” for the sake of brevity — choices, yes? 🙂 — I kept my focus on getting out there because deep inside me I knew that not getting there was not an option! As the window of opportunity seemed to be narrowing, I kept doing what I needed to do to get there and suddenly things began to fall in place. Money needed. A Ride. It all just came together. Why? Because I never lost sight of the fact that I knew I had to be there. Granted I got there a little late, but really it was just in time.

I held to the knowing that I would get there. No hocus pocus, no superstition. The Universe really does respond when we hold a singular focus of intent. I held my focus on the final outcome and it filled in the details.

Nice work, Creator! 🙂

-Deborah Adler
©2010 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved.

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