Pa’Ris’Ha 23 April 2022 – An Essential Message for Today’s World

8 May

Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor: 2022 as Seen by Elders and Peacekeepers

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“Out there” is just a reflection of you know where…

23 Jun

It seems when I most need it, the “road signs” are all around me: in what I read, in the recovery discussion groups I attend, in conversations, in social media posts, and in favorite blog posts I like to visit from time to time.

The reminders are helpful, as Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor describes in one of her short but to-the-point sharings from where she reveals it’s the very thought that “the problem” is “out there” that’s the heart of the problem,

So long as we believe that it’s another person, it’s circumstances, it’s a list of people, places and things and we keep our focus on those, we are simply locking ourselves into “victim.”

There is no “out there” – because it’s all about what are we creating with the circumstances of our lives. What are our thoughts? Are the squirrels in our mind on auto-pilot? Chattering away on the same old same old? Because that’s just going to get us the same thing we’ve always had.

Pa’Ris’Ha reminds us that true change can only come from within. Funny thing, when we change, the world seems to change around us. It may be that we have a different perspective, but when we take charge of our thoughts and take responsibility for our circumstances, we take charge of our destiny.




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God, where are you not?

23 Jun


I revisited an article yesterday by Parisha Taylor, also known as Pa’Ris’Ha, on her website It was title “All days are the Sabbath” and made the point that the Sun is with us every day, and because God is in all things, every day is a day of worship and praise for God, the Creator.

Traditional Indigenous Peoples recognize the relationship between nature and humans. Yet because they respect and see God in all things – the animals, the trees, the plants, the “creepy crawlies”, the stones, the sand, and all the “Elementals” – wind, rain, snow, thunder, lightning – it is thought by some that they worship these things as God.

They See God/Creator in All Aspects of Creation!

I have come to see more clearly from that perspective. If God is indeed all-present, that means God is everywhere! We don’t need a special day to worship and praise God, because every day we draw breath, we experience the miracle of life. That is praise-worthy!

Every experience we have is Creator working to our highest good. We only need to have faith and know that we are loved.

So it makes sense to include appreciation and an “attitude of gratitude” acknowledging God’s gifts in every day of our life. Every day is Sacred because we are Holy Beings!



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Deb Adler’s”Know Change Know Gain – a pathway to better choices” is Now Available!

1 Aug

2-16-19 Cover B


Want a Preview? Click on “Introduction” to read:


Note: This Ebook is currently available in PDF format only.  More to come!

This book was written as an accumulation of experiences and information that continues to help me along my own personal growth evolution.  That’s right; our personal, professional, emotional and spiritual growth is ongoing. You’ve heard it before – it’s not about the destination – because every day we wake up alive, the “finish line” has been moved! It’s all about the JOURNEY.

How we perceive our environment and our lives determines whether that journey is drudgery or a joyful dance. It doesn’t matter what life challenges us with – what determines our success, our happiness, is how do we respond?

There are those who believe that change has to be hard and painful. Guess what? You’ve just defined your experience. The more you reinforce that as your truth, the more you “cement” that truth as yours. The obvious play on words here is that too often quoted belief, “no pain no gain.” Did you know that there’s evidence that the subconscious mind fails to register “negatives” (i.e. “no”). That’s why I structured the title “Know Change, Know Gain.”

Will reading this book change your life forever? Maybe. That’s always a possibility. But what if there was just one kernel of something that made a difference in how you view yourself, others, your environment, and how you can influence that to be more like what you want it to look like? Just one little morsel that you never considered before? Would it be worth it?

Here’s what I know: we are all here as a unique part of a beautiful mosaic called “Life.” Each of us is vital to the whole. My desire in sharing this book is to help one other person find ways to remove or release the obstacles they may have created or inherited from others. If we’re on the journey, we’re works in progress!

Having the life you want was never a matter of “deserving” – you exist, therefore, you deserve All Good Things – it’s a matter of how much do you want it?



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Time flies when…

24 Jun

It’s 2018 and a great deal has taken place in our country and around the world. There is a great deal of insanity out there, polarization and other illusions of “these are the worst of times.”

Take heart. Stay strong. Stay focused. Never underestimate the power and capabilities of a group of individuals united in a single focused intent.

Today more than ever, our focus needs to be Dignity and Respect for All.

We are One. Separation is the illusion. Everything is Energy, and as such is malleable and open to influence by our thoughts and words. We are who we have been waiting for. Be the change you wish to see in the world. It is far easier to change oneself than to try to change others. Show them a better, saner way and they will follow.

In a controlled scientific experiment, when a single orderly strand of DNA was introduced into a collection of random, disorderly DNA, the chaotic disorderly DNA began to take on the pattern of the orderly strand of DNA. Never doubt the influence of the one on the many.

As I write this I am embarking on several new projects: the debut of “Queer Dignity” youtube channel, the re-release of a dignitally remastered edition of my first “album” – “D.J. Adler – Here & Now,” and the debut of my latest book (in pdf format) “Know Change Know Gain.”

Links to the site where you can learn more will appear here in the next few days. Stay tuned!

I appreciate all who have supported me in my music and entrepreneurial endeavors over the years. It’s time to take things to the next level. Wishing you all Health, Wealth and Happiness, as only you can define that for yourself.

-Deb, 6-24-2018

Just checking in…

1 Apr

It’s been a while since I wrote a new post. I’ve been a little busy on another writing project – not an excuse, but just sayin’…

I am adjusting to life in a small town, Kingman Arizona. It’s not Columbus and whether you believe it or not, I MISS Ohio. As a native Michigander, I never thought I’d hear myself say that, but it’s true!

I moved to Cleveland in 1977 to attend graduate studies at Case Western Reserve University. The school is known for its Medical School, Engineering, Law, etc…I graduated from the 3-year pre-professional acting program with an M.F.A in Acting. The program at that time was a rival of Yale’s 3 year program and we were taught by all professional Equity Actors from the Cleveland Play House! It was an outstanding experience!

I became involved with The Learning Center for Human Development, a global humanitarian organization, and began a journey I’m still on today – almost 30 years later! I have had the privilege of participating in many projects to benefit others. Our recent focus has been to help raise awareness and reduce human trafficking, and we’re seeing successful results.

I helped to build a beautiful conference and retreat center in south-eastern Ohio, along with volunteers from all parts of the U.S., Canada, and countries on every continent around the globe! We worked, we laughed, we learned…it was a glorious time in my life that I truly treasure. Many of those people are still close friends today, and some I am working with in Arizona and Ohio on continued projects.

I met and began to study with LCFHD’s Founder, Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor. She has been and remains today my Traditional Elder, Business /coach and Mentor, and perpetual inspiration to always be the best I can be. I invited into that relationship – I asked her to be a reflection, no bull, no sugar-coating, to help me become my best. I could not have asked for a better experience. Like most successful coaches, she has challenged me, believed in me and celebrated my successes. She has helped me to “fail forward” through my blunders and helped me to develop my leadership capabilities. Out of respect, I call her “Grandmother.”

I spent 16 years living in Summerfield, Ohio, at Friendship Village International Retreat and Conference Center. I was, and is, a magnificent place where I met many people from all over the world, as we were building, and then those who came to enjoy the fruits of our labors. It was built all with volunteer funds and labor – most of us didn’t know squat about construction, but we learned!

I moved to Columbus Ohio in 2009 to take care of some financial and personal matters that needed handling. I found a local studio and recorded a single of my original song “Because You Believe.” I had already been active in the recovery community there and the move helped me strengthen those bonds and further my growth. Trouble is when you finally let the walls down and invest yourself in others, allowing them in…it hurts like hell when you have to move on.

So that’s where it’s at right now. I am in a new adventure, but I also miss the comfort of the known and familiar, and I miss my friends. thankfully, we have FaceBook, where I keep in touch with many from back in Columbus!

When I get really homesick for snow, I can drive to Flagstaff – and I plan to! In the meantime, I am taking it a day at a time here, furthering my education in business management and personal development, making new friends in the recovery community here and appreciating the many opportunities that come my way every day to be of service and connect with others.

Thanks for listening!
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Welcome Home Vietnam Vets

31 Mar


Sunday, March 30th, 2015, a small group of people gathered at the Kingman AZ Veterans Memorial Park to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Vietnam War and honor those who served.

I got there late because of work, but got the opportunity to go around and shake hands with some of the Vets there, and say to them that I appreciate their service. Every last one of them took time to tell me how much that meant to them.

I was in high school when Vietnam broke loose. I had classmates who served. I had three cousins who served. One had 3 tours in Nam, and Lew, George and Skip – I’ve never taken the time to tell you how proud I am of each of you and how much I appreciate your service. I still have your Service photos!

When someone asked me today for my impressions of yesterday’s event, I shared with him that i have vivid memories of the protests, and the turbulence of the time. But most importantly, I carry with me the deep regret that the men and women who served in Vietnam were not given a heroes welcome – many were spat on as they returned. They were made the scapegoats and treated like criminals. We can’t change that part of our history, but we can heal it, and help them to heal by expressing our appreciation to them today. They deserve closure. They deserve acknowledgement for their sacrifice. Many still carry the psychological wounds of what they witnessed over there, and what they experienced back here.

Whether or not I may agree or disagree with the reasons for being there, I know this. Most of our young people serve out of a sense duty, a desire to protect, to defend. They buy the image on posters with the perfect dress uniforms. (Maybe we should have posters with blood-stained fatigues and missing body parts.) They learn to follow orders, going where they are told and doing what they believe they must do.

I am not one who supports our politician’s fervor for armed conflict. We send our babies to kill other people’s babies while the decision makers sit comfortably in their homes. In traditional Indigenous Cultures, the Chiefs are who take to the battlefield first. People call them “savages.” (I say who is more savage? Leaders who take responsibility and lead from the front, or those who hide and treat their people as “expendables?”)

The point is this – today when I encounter a person in uniform or a veteran, especially a Vietnam Vets, I make it a point to approach them, stick out my hand and express appreciation for their service. In almost every instance, they a touched and grateful for the acknowledgement.

There’s a lot of “walking wounded” (no pun intended) still out there and we have the ability to help them heal.

Welcome Home Veterans!

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Principles Before Personalities

25 Nov

There is no place for personal prejudices, squabbles, etc., in the rooms of recovery. That is a sacred space where people come to stay sober, addiction free, more sane and/or to help others do the same. For over 70 years the Traditions have guided people from all walks of life, all religions, races, creeds; the believer and non-believer in their quest for recovery from their particular addiction through the unified focus of “singleness of purpose.”

A friend of mine recently experienced a personal attack from another member of AA, whom we’ll call “Miss Self-Importance.“ The attack came in the form of gossip outside the rooms, but the repercussions have spilled back into the room. It’s a small town with few meetings and everyone pretty much knows everyone – in the meetings, as well as in the town.

The good of this situation is that a good number of people have approached her and said “Miss Self-Importance” had tried to spread her story to them and they simply told her they weren’t interested – referencing the Traditions.

The unfortunate part of this situation is that there is a tension there that others have picked up on. In addition, this individual has felt so compelled to enlist a local free-lance reporter to her “cause” of exposing my friend(her issues) who has come to the meetings as a recovering alcoholic. So Tradition 3 states that “the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.” Only the individual can determine whether or not that applies – and it’s not up to anyone else to question. My friend has expressed her concerns to me, and feels there are some telltale signs of deception – but there’s no place that she can go with that right now.

In the meantime, she has maintained herself in accordance with the 12 Traditions and has gone back to staying on topic as far as the discussions go. There have been several very good discussions lately about the Traditions, the “I am Responsible” statement and the right of each to determine their own relationship with the God of their understanding.

My friend has acknowledged the gossip within the meeting without naming names, and the response has been rewardingly “Traditional” amongst the members present. So it’s back to the business at hand – helping each other stay sober one day at a time.

As my friend was relaying this experience to me the other day, she blurted out, “Thank God it was me…and not some new person, or someone more fragile in their recovery. I’ve been blessed with the gift of a solid foundation by many sponsors and Sisters and Brothers in recovery who have shared their experience, strength and hope with me as they faced life challenges. So I wasn’t about to go off and drink.” But she was forthcoming that she had provided some “rent-free” space to “Miss Self-Importance“ in her head for a bit. Also, admittedly, she’s had to really work at what she feels has been a gross disrespect of the 12 Traditions (also her issue).

But what if the object of “Miss Self-Importance” had been a new person, or someone on rocky ground? No one is responsible for another person’s using, but those present need NOT be contributing to someone else’s self-doubts, or sense of belonging in the fellowship.

One has to THINK about how what they do or say is going to affect others in the rooms. There is NO PLACE for personal attacks, not according to the 12 Traditions.

The main purpose is to help each other achieve or stay in sobriety. That’s called support. You don’t have to like everyone in the rooms – and if you have personal issues with someone, park them at the door!

My friend has done everything she can to keep things at “Principles before Personalities” and stay within the tenants of the 12 Traditions. That’s all she can do. Bottom line is: you can’t control anyone else, you can only take care of our own behavior. For my friend, as well as for the others, it’s definitely been an exercise in growing, “practicing these Principles in all our affairs!”

I welcome your response, or sharing of solutions to any similar experience. 🙂

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Free Webinar: Maintaining Calm in a World of Chaos

18 Nov

This Saturday, November 22nd, is an opportunity to tune into a free webinar with Parisha Taylor. There are two times, and if you can’t make either of those, sign-up anyway because you will be able to receive the audio free!

I highly recommend this webinar. I have worked with Parisha Taylor for over 28 years and you can find more of my experiences with her at my blog, My Extraordinary Life with Business Coach Parisha Taylor: Life Lessons in Excellence.





Sign up for the free webinar here:

Every Day is a New Life

11 Nov

One of the greatest examples of intelligent and courageous living I’ve learned in my association with Parisha Taylor, simply stated, is she greets each new day as a new life. Really.

That means not carrying forward any judgement, any drama…a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g…from the previous day’s interaction with an individual. Ever try that? It’s no small feat!

I don’t know that I’ve honestly been able to accomplish that yet. I try – but it takes a lot of practice to just wipe the slate clean from the day before and give a person the clear opportunity to be a different, better person.

Some might judge that as being weak, but I have witnessed time and time again, a power that has come with that practice that I am in awe of and am continually amazed.

In my current situation of coming into contact daily with an individual who has determined that I am some kind of “mortal enemy” that has to be destroyed…looking into those eyes “ain’t easy”! But to do so having released all thoughts, judgement, and conclusions from the day before…I’m still at the “watch my back” phase of development. But I can always strive to practice “A New Day, A New Life.”

After all, it’s in the intention of creating a new behavior, forming new neural nets, or “re-wiring” as they say in brain science these days, that the seeds of achieving that change exist. By being consciously aware of the desire to change, I am one step closer to breaking those old patterns and forming new ones.  Awareness, desire and willingness are key elements.

In the meantime, I smile, I look her in the eye, and I strive to remember that she is a child of the Creator.

-Deb Adler



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